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***Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) organized one day Basic Cargo Awareness Program (BCAP) on 26.06.2018 at IGI Airport, New Delhi.      ***ACFI Newsletter Issue No.30 Published on Jun 02, 2018.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Develop dialogue with the entire air cargo trade & industry, give the air cargo industry view points on major developments & Govt. policies, impacting air cargo industry and participate in meetings of Govt. bodies & leading industry seminars.
  • Not only at pill Government policy level improvements ACFI shall also work for bringing innovations in terms of standard in the handling, manpower skill & infrastructure facilities at all the levels of air cargo business happening in India.
  • Its role will work as a catalyst in removing the major procedural bottlenecks & policy hurdles in the logistic network for national & global economic development.
  • ACFI is committed to work tirelessly for a sustainable air cargo growth in the country. Its role will work as a vital component in the improvements of air cargo logistic network and a driver of national & global economic development