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***Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) organized one day Basic Cargo Awareness Program (BCAP) on 26.06.2018 at IGI Airport, New Delhi.      ***ACFI Newsletter Issue No.30 Published on Jun 02, 2018.

ACFI Sub-Committees & its Objectives

Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) has established various working sub-committees, each headed by one of its prominent members who are experts in the air logistic business and other members drawn from the respective industries to achieve its Vision and Objectives. The committees undertake detailed studies on their respective subject & then prepare a detailed action plan for ACFI Board to take up issues with appropriate authorities time to time. Following are the brief about the objectives of ACFI Subcommittees;-

S. No.

Name of Sub Committee

Objectives of the Committee


Pharma Export and Import Cargo

·      Work closely with Pharma sector and provide logistics support to enable them Improve their competitiveness in global market.

·      Identify procedures and policy changes required and additional infrastructure facilities required for the growth of Pharma Exim Trade.

·      Work for the implementation of procedures & documentation uniformly at all the gateway points of the country.


Perishable Export and Import Cargo

·      Study closely with the industry stakeholders and identify its challenges

·      Devise solutions for improvement within partners in the industry or in the processes and polices of Government/ regulatory agencies to improve competitiveness of products and services in the international market.

·      Develop supportive infrastructure for processing , handling & storage of Perishable cargo to maintain its sensitivity throughout the supply chain


Heavy Industry included Non-Scheduled Operator, Auto Industry, Airport Infrastructure and Heavy Equipment’s

·      The aim should be to increase the size of air freight of Auto/heavy equipment’s from the present stage.

·      Study closely with the Auto & auto parts manufacturing Units, Heavy Equipment’s/ parts manufacturing agencies, including Govt. agencies and identify the challenges being faced by them during the processing & handling of in the entire chain of airfreight supply chain.

·      Devise solutions for improvement within partners and growth of Auto Industry for smooth transportation and movement through air.

·      Identify polices of Government/ regulatory agencies for change to improve competitiveness of Indian Non schedule operators and the product they carry in the international market.

·      Identify new additional Airport Infrastructure facilities required for JIT services to its customers for the smooth & faster processing, handling & storage of Import & Export cargo


Domestic and Transshipment Air Cargo


·      Study the existing policies & procedures for the processing of transshipment cargo at gateway points.

·      Suggest process improvement and additional infrastructure facilities required to standardize and boost the movement of domestic cargo & transit cargo in the domestic sector of the country.

·      Work on the vision of creating Indian international airports as a transshipment cargo Hubs.


Process Simplification  including Service Standard


i.     Export

ii.    Import

Identify bottlenecks in the existing processes of international air cargo and supply chain management. Devise strategy to improve dwell time of Import & Export Cargo. Work on the  following areas of simplification of processes;-

·      Process/Documentation improvement within air cargo Stakeholders

·      Improvement in the regulatory processes – and Policy Changes required.

·      Joint Monitoring of Implementation of 24x7 by a team of ACFI, Customs, CTO & other associations (ACCAI, FFFAI, IATA, BAR - India etc.)

·      Suggest to improve the level of Ease of Doing Business in the areas of processes, documentation and clearance of import & export cargo. Mapping of services provided by the entire air cargo logistics trade partners including the Govt. agencies and standardize them at par with best international practices worldwide so that the international products moving across the air gateway points become more competitive in the international market and help the Indian gateway airports to become major hub airports of our region.


Express & E -Commerce Industry

·      Identify the present & future challenges of Express/ Courier industry in India particularly keeping in mind the forecast of heavy growth of E-Commerce trade in India.

·      Suggest process and policy changes required if any in order to meet the challenges & sustain further growth in the Air Express & E-Commerce Business by air.


Innovation and


·      Study and identify possible new innovations that can be introduced in the infrastructure facilities and processes in the entire air cargo logistic chain for smooth, safe and faster processing and handling of air cargo while complying with the policies in vogue.

·      Identify best international practices worldwide in the areas of air cargo logistics trade and bring them in the knowledge domain of the trade for implementation or suggest innovative practices to government for implementation.

·      Suggest changes/ dispensation in the government policies to remove the bottlenecks/ challenges


Skill Development

·      Give focus on the skills required in the areas of cargo processing, handling, transportation throughout the air cargo logistics supply chain. 

·      Identify Cargo Skill Development courses, Faculty Members, Institutions for Imparting “Skill Development Training” to various level of officials working in the air cargo logistics supply chain industry.

·      Explore giving on the job practical training at each level of operation, processing and handling/ operating equipment also

·      Liaise with the taskforce committee of MoCA on Skill Development as well as with the Ministry of Skill Development for seeking their assistance if any in this regard.


Membership Committee

·      Prepare road map for attracting reputed air cargo logistics stakeholders for membership.

·      Fix target milestones to be achieved during each financial year.

·      More canvassing through Word Of Mouth, provide constant improvement feedback to the Board and publicize achievements of ACFI.

·      Improve ACFI Membership through industry specific News media so that to reach all the stakeholders, including non-members.

·      Members to involve its own Company Colleagues in the activities & promotion of ACFI.

·      Members to nominate their team members to attend Industry Events and awareness programs to promote ACFI.

·      Wider Spread across all Stakeholders in order to generate effective participation among members etc.


Event Management Committee

·      To organize yearly one day/ half day seminar at Delhi or at regional chapters to bring the trade members of the country on board, on the current burning topics with Regional Touch.

·      Organize quarterly awareness programs on the industry specific issues for the members.

·      Share the best practices of successful cargo hub airports/countries and adopt knowledge sharing/ learnings sessions by inviting leading professionals from the leading international airports/countries, Promote IT Driven Solutions, invite non-members also on the ACFI seminar.

·      Focus on Regional Issues, seek industry issues from all Stakeholders and improve Communication with personal contacts amongst all members.

·      Organize interactive sessions among members, invite suggestions and disseminate achievements of ACFI to generate the interests of Members Participation in the activities of ACFI.