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**ACFI Newsletter Issue No. 42 Published on Apr 26, 2020.

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The membership of ACFI has been classified under following categories: 

1.    Member(s);

2.    Associate Member(s);

3.    Co-opted Member(s);

4.    Ex-Officio Member;

5.    Honorary Member(s);


1.     Member(s):

The following Persons may qualify to be admitted as a member of ACFI upon invitation by the Governing Board as per the provisions of Clause 2.2.2 of ACFI Rule & Regulations.

a)    Airport Operator(s);
b)    Cargo Operators Terminal(s);
c)     Air Transport Service Provider(s);
d)    Freight Forwarder(s);
e)    Authorized Courier(s);
f)     Customs House Agent(s);
g)    General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) may also become Member of ACFI without having airline nomination.
h)    Bonded Air Cargo Transport Operator(s);
i)      Domestic Air Cargo Agents including E-Commerce operator(s);

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2.     Associate Member(s):

The following shall be qualified to be an Associate Member of ACFI upon invitation by the Governing Board as per the provisions of Clause 2.3.2 of ACFI Rules & Regulations:

Any other person, organization, company or corporation who is considered to be suitable by the Governing Board and whose admission as member is approved by a majority of not less than seventy five (75) percent of the total Members of the ACFI at a General Meeting.

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3.     Co-opted Member(s):

Co-opted Member(s) shall mean 2 (two) individuals, nominated by Members and who are duly approved by the 9 (nine) elected representatives of the Governing Board as per the provisions of Clause 3.1.1 of these Rules to be the member of the Governing Board on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the 9 (nine) elected representatives of the Governing Board. Such Co-opted Member shall not have voting rights.

4.      Ex-Officio Member:

The immediate past President of the Governing Board shall be its Ex-Officio member.  The tenure of Ex-Officio member shall be of two (2) years commencing from the date of ceasing of office of the President and shall be concurrent with the period of the Governing Board to which he is inducted. The said member shall assist the Governing Board in ensuring smooth continuance and dealing with the ongoing projects of ACFI.  He shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Governing Board and General Meetings of the ACFI but shall have no voting rights

5.      Honorary Member(s):

Honorary Members are individuals only who on account of their exemplary and substantial contribution to the progress of air cargo are cost recommended in writing by one of the members of the Governing Board of ACFI for being nominated as such and which recommendation has been approved by the Governing Board in its next meeting. Such members shall not have any voting right(s).

The tenure of the Honorary Member shall be two (2) years which may be extendable by a period as may be determined by the Governing Board by a majority constituting seventy five (75) percent of the majority of the Governing Board.

Honorary Members shall be entitled to attend the meeting of the Governing Board on invitation only and where invited shall be entitled to speak but not vote on any resolution(s) being considered by the Governing Board or any of its committee(s).